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Founded in 2004, Etiya is a fast-growing software company with more than 600 employees worldwide. Etiya’s global headquarters is in Amsterdam and we have offices in Silicon Valley, Istanbul, Singapore, Ukraine, and Dubai.

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Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions

Etiya uses AI to generate in-context business insights and to enable powerful automation and operational efficiencies at a massive scale. It can handle and streamline the management of millions of customer or network data points.

Data Analytics

Etiya Data Analytics technologies implement data modeling, data capture, data cleaning, data enrichment, data processing, reporting, and advanced analytical algorithms.

Customer Experience Management

With Etiya Customer Experience Management service providers can personalize your customer interactions and speed up business processes. You can predict your customer's next step and proactively take the best action, in real time, to provide a superior customer experience.

Digital Business Platforms

A new approach to digital BSS, Etiya Digital Business Platforms are agile, end-to-end, full-stack, fully virtualized digital platforms that are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). They enable service providers to become digital-ready in only 100 days.


Customer Relationship Management

Etiya Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a highly scalable, customer-centric, omni-channel experience enabling you to exceed customer expectations by interacting with them on any platform or via any channel.

Product Catalog Management

Etiya Product Catalog Management supports and manages the product lifecycle by managing services, marketing, and commercial and technical catalogs. It provides flexible offer and catalog configuration and enables service providers to quickly launch offers to the market.


Etiya Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) takes an innovative, agile, collaborative, and modular approach that incorporates real-time analysis. It enables service providers to offer-consistently across channels-validated quotes that best fit the customer.

Order Management

Etiya Order Management provides flexible, catalog-driven order capture, decomposition, validation, negotiation, orchestration, and execution with jeopardy, exception, and fall-out management. It flexibly configures and customizes all customer interaction flows between a company and its customers.

Customer Service Management

Etiya Customer Service Management provides omni-channel predictive and prescriptive customer service recommendations and automatically orchestrates workflows. It uses sentimental, contextual, and customer behavioral analyses that result in increased Customer Service Representative (CSR) efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Omni-Channel Digital Frontend

With Etiya Omni Channel Digital Frontend self-care customers can access and manage their account any time, anywhere, on any device, with each channel being aware of what has been done via other channels. Through a high-performance user interface they can add or remove services or seek answers. This reduces the load on call centers and sales representatives.

Billing Management

Etiya Billing Management supports a wide range of products, ranging from voice, text, data, and video services to event and content-based services. State-of-the-art tariff technology provides powerful and flexible discount management and is under Customer Relationship Management control.