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Copper, DSL, Wi-Fi, and Broadband Testing

VIAVI's extensive product portfolio has everything you need.

OneExpert DSL Modular Field Test Platform for, xDSL, Copper, FTTH Verification, and WiFi

Consistently achieve high-performance results when deploying fast broadband service to the home.


The industry standard in enterprise certification for both copper and fiber network certification.

WiFi Advisor

The first WiFi/wireless LAN analyzer built for installers at all skill levels with intuitive capabilities for rapid characterization, optimization, and troubleshooting of home WiFi networks.

SmartClass TPS

All-in-one tool for broadband services installation, including copper, ADSL 1/2/2+, WiFi, coax, HPNA, fiber, IP data, VoIP, and IP video testing.


Enables technicians to install and troubleshoot copper-based single pair and bonded pair VDSL2 and ADSL2+ circuits the right-way -- dual ended with UltraFED IIB.


Premier triple-play access network tester installs and maintains copper and fiber based bonded ADSL/VDSL, IPTV, Microsoft TV, VoIP and data plus legacy networks.

Virtual Test & Activation

Virtual Ethernet lifecycle management solution for test, service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting on all network layers


The cost-effective copper certification handheld for enterprise networks.